An inventory is a comprehensive report highlighting the condition and contents of a residential property – generally one that is to be let out. Inventory reports are for both furnished and unfurnished properties. It is essential for an inventory report to be detailed and use photographic or video evidence to record the precise condition of the property and its contents.

The inventory report forms part of the contract between the landlord and tenant, and often turns out to be a vital document when there is a deposit dispute. An inventory report should be conducted prior to check in and once again prior to the check-out stage, recording the condition of the property and its contents.

A comprehensive inventory is strongly recommended to be part of any tenancy agreement. It is there to protect all parties involved the letting agent, landlord, and tenant in an event of any dispute. Inventory reports are not a statutory requirement, however the protected tenancy deposit scheme is; and the scheme requires a comprehensive inventory being in place in the event of deposit disputes. Unless you have proof of the state of the furniture/property at the beginning in the form of a properly prepared and agreed inventory you are unlikely to succeed when a dispute occurs.